CRS 1 Residential Contract Full Review

Date: Thursday, February 21, 2019
Time: 9am – 3:30pm
Instructor: John Gillam
Sponsor: Brandi Pietroiacovo, Stewart Title (breakfast) and Sean Browning, American National Insurance (lunch)
Location: Longmont Association of REALTORS, 420 Kimbark Street, Longmont
Cost: $65 REALTOR/$75 Non-REALTOR (lunch provided)
CE Credit: 6 Hours

This is not just a quick review of changes from the past few years, but rather a full line by line review of the purchase contract to provide a rundown of common pitfalls and errors made by brokers while filling out and presenting the contract. This class is NOT designed to teach how to fill in the blanks, but to have a comprehensive understanding of the meaning of each component of the contract, liabilities that we hold as brokers and ways to protect yourself and your client in both the drafting and presentation of offers. We will discuss which contracts to use and when to use them, which addendums should be used in various situations. There is a lot of discussion about issues that impact reviewing the contract with clients to avoid surprises, and avoiding common errors that occur with e-contracts. This is a class that is meant to offer deeper understanding for supervising brokers, to assist associate brokers with being able to complete a contract with fewer questions, to help newer associates have a better understanding of their responsibility and for seasoned brokers to recognize bad habits they may have fallen into to avoid liability in the future!

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