Matrix: Farming – How your REColorado Tools Enable You to Identify, Maintain, and Profit from a Farm

Date: Thursdays, December 20, 2018
Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 am
Instructor: REcolorado
Location: LAR Classroom
CE Credit: 2 Hours, issued to active REcolorado subscribers only
Cost: FREE

This course will explore tools and reports in Matrix, Realist, Homesnap, InfoSparks, and Remine that can help real estate professionals to predict the viability of a farm. Students will learn the definition of a real estate farm and the different types of real estate farms. They will learn what questions to ask in order to identify a productive farm and how to quickly find accurate answers to these questions using their REcolorado tools. Students will also learn how to create, save, and export reports and data that will allow them to quickly become an expert in any farm, effortlessly maintain their expertise, and continually convince others of their expertise.

Recommended Prerequisites: Matrix – Accessing What You Want, Matrix – Communication Tools, Realist – Accessing Public Records Information, and Market Intel