Affiliate Committee Spotlight

Leonard Ashack – Ashack & Associates

Though I grew up in Chicago, Illinois I had the fortune experience of camping on occasions in the West with my family.  Upon graduating from college I “headed west” and landed in Creste Butte (the land where one could never leave), knowing I wanted to put my academics to work I eventually ended up on the Northern Front Range – not to be too far from the mountains.

At the core of what I do, is that I enjoy helping people.  Working in the Financial services sector, I saw firsthand the lack of actual service customers were receiving beyond the transactions.  Which led to me starting my own Tax and Financial Company in ’99.

Meeting my wonderful wife here in Colorado, we decided to start and raise our family here, enjoying the best that Colorado has to offer.  We are blessed with 11 year old twins (boy and girl).  Regardless of the weather we can often be found in the mountains.