Affiliate Committee Spotlight

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Taylor Carlson

My name is Taylor Carlson, I’m a Loan Consultant with New American Funding.  I’m a Longmont Native and Longmont High graduate. I’ve been in the Mortgage business now for 5 years.  Before starting with NAF, I was trying my best to be a professional golfer. I worked at 7 different championship level golf courses in four different states after graduating from the University of Northern Colorado.  When I got out of the golf business, I wanted to pursue a career in the financial industry. I took an interview with NAF without a full understanding what a loan consultant was. There hasn’t been a day that has gone by in this industry that hasn’t taught me something new. Every day is a new puzzle to solve, which is really a change from the golf business. In my personal life, I recently bought a house in Longmont.  I still enjoy playing golf and now that the course is no longer my office, I can enjoy it a lot more! Other activities worth mentioning are hiking, fishing, hunting, shooting sports, and all the beer league rec sports.  My mother and father live here in Longmont, he is a REALTOR® and she works for the school district at Central Elementary School.  I have one sister and one brother in Law, she is a Ph.D. in Chiropractic’s with an office in Longmont on 5th and Terry and he works for North College Motors in Fort Collins.   This community has been and always will be my home, I appreciate being spotlighted this month for LAR.