Affiliate Committee Spotlight

Garrett Unrein – A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspection


I grew up on the Colorado plains, in the small town of Merino. As a young man I was an active 4-H and FFA member, with a small sheep production business. After Graduating from Merino High School, I attended Northwestern Kansas area Vocational-Technical School. There I earned an Associates in Auto Mechanics.

After a few years working in Kansas I moved to Nebraska where I met my wife of 27 years, Charlene. After several short moves around Nebraska I took a position with the USDA in North Carolina. We found that the East Coast was not for us, so I transferred back to the good life in Nebraska. Still working for the USDA, I started training the new hires and work on many disease research projects. This is where we stayed for many years. As well as working for the USDA I also started a small remodeling business, taught youth group, coached little league, soccer, and assisted in training of law enforcement officers.

With our oldest children out of the house we decided it was time for a new life adventure. So, 32 years after I left, here we are. Charlene works as a manager at NCMC in Greeley. We have three children, our 21 year old son Avery, working as a welder, a daughter, Camile, going to collage to be an actuary, and our 6th grader Isabel, who wants to be an artist. We are certainly enjoying the bounty that Colorado has to offer.  Snow shoeing, dining, shopping, art, and a brewery on every corner has made this an easy and enjoyable transition.