Affiliate Committee Spotlight

Shelley and Luke Kunselman, The Kunselman Team with Bank of England

The Kunselman Team is a Mother/son mortgage origination team. Luke and Shelley have been working as a team since January 2007. We started out as Brokers for our first 5 years and have been Mortgage Bankers since then. In January of 2019 we began originating for Bank of England Mortgage. (Bank of England Arkansas…not the international Bank of England.)  Working as a true partnership we have been able to offer our clients and referral sources the option of matching their client to whichever one of us they feel is best suited. We also work together on all our clients so that we both are up to date on their progress as they move through the process of obtaining their new mortgage. Helping our clients realize their dream is our goal!

Shelley Kunselman is the “mother” part of the Mother-Son Kunselman Team. She has lived in Longmont since 1967; is a Longmont High Graduate; and raised her two sons in Longmont. Shelley does consider herself a native even though she spent the first 14 years of her life in Montana. She has been in the banking/financial industry since 1982 and a mortgage originator since 1993. In that time, Shelley has seen a lot and learned a lot about helping all walks of life become homeowners. Her early training came from World Savings who taught her “how” to package and present a file to underwriting but as our industry evolves, she continues to learn every single day.

Shelley love to travel with friends and/or family. She feels we need to travel now when we are able to, because you just never know when the day will come when you cannot anymore. She’s been to Mexico numerous times with the “Mexico Girls” as well as others and she has been to Europe three times.

Shelley spends much of her time with family. Besides working with Luke, he and is family also live in the same neighborhood as Shelley. “I have been so blessed to be able to see their two children live life and grow up. Attending as many of their events as I can is my pleasure. That goes the same for my other son Lee and his family that lives in Littleton. A little farther to travel but very much my pleasure as often as I can.  I get to go to dance competitions, band concerts, diving competitions, rugby matches, volleyball games and choir concerts. This life if full and keeps me busy!”

“It has been an honor to work in the housing industry and build the strong relationships that I have, which many of them will be lifelong friendships. I thank everyone of them for trusting me.”

Luke Kunselman is the “Son” part of the Mother-Son Kunselman Team. He is a true born and bred native. In fact, Luke jokes how he literally lives 100 ft from the home he grew up in. He graduated high school from Skyline High back in 1998 and college from CU Boulder in 2003. Luke has been married to his high school sweetheart for 17 years now. They have two amazing children: Owen, who is finishing up his first year of high school and Mia who is finishing up her first year of middle school. “My family and friends are by far the most important things in my life. Everything I do in my life is with the end game of being able to spend more time with those who matter most to me.”

Luke started in the mortgage industry back in 2003, right out of college. Like Shelley, he also got his start at World Savings. “World Savings was a great place to start in the mortgage industry. Because they were a portfolio lender, they taught me in depth about what it takes to put together a good loan, not just how to run DU.” This has helped Luke get a lot of borrowers approved that other lenders had already said no to.

In addition to mortgage, Luke spends a lot of his time at his new venture, Quarters Bar+Arcade. Opened in February 2019, Quarters is a retro arcade bar with 20 self-serve drink taps and 19 different games, including pinball, skee-ball and arcade games. “Quarters is the RaddestBar in town. You can enjoy a lot of great drinks and have a lot of fun playing old games.” Luke has always enjoys throwing a good party, as anyone who has attended any of the LAR Bowling fundraisers that he Emceed, would agree. Quarters just fits perfectly into his personality and is a great compliment to his mortgage business.

A common question that Luke gets asked a lot these days is, are you going to continue doing mortgage? Luke’s answer is always the same on this. “I have no plans to leave the mortgage industry any time soon. I want to keep doing both for as long as I can.”