Buyer Education

Colorado Housing and Finance, CHFADan McMahon, CHFA Home Finance Director

Education for Home-buyers in High Demand
As a real estate agent, you know that those looking to buy homes seek guidance, especially those who are first time buyers. And why wouldn’t they? Knowledge is power and homeownership is a significant responsibility. Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA) reports that enrollment in homebuyer education courses it sponsors throughout the state reached a record high in 2015, with more than 9,000 households taking part. Classes held in Boulder and Weld Counties served 553 households.
One reason for the rise in interest may be that pre-purchase classes teach buyers how to prepare and budget for homeownership—and such skills are in demand as home prices escalate. Homebuyers are also taking advantage of such resources because they are affordable and convenient. In-person classes are free and available in communities throughout Colorado. Online classes are also available.
In addition to learning how to prepare for homeownership, students learn a great deal about the buying process. All classes feature real estate portions that guide students through the role of the real estate agent or broker, selecting someone to work with, and many particulars of shopping for a home. These class sections are sometimes even taught by a real estate professional.
Help your clients boost their confidence by encouraging them to take a homebuyer education course. To learn more, visit and click on Homebuyer Education.